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All our products are powered by Endel Pacific — a patented technology that creates personalized soundscapes to reduce stress, improve sleep, and boost productivity.

How it works

Endel Pacific takes inputs from devices and sensors, understands user context, and creates the optimal personalized soundscape based on this data.

It’s designed to be quick and easy to integrate into third-party products or technology.

Our patented technology


Endel Pacific uses AI to generate endless personalized soundscapes, backed by neuroscience.

Real-time personalization

Endel’s personalized soundscapes are tailored to each user and adapt to input data changes in real-time.


Endel Pacific is built to create personalized soundscapes across multiple platforms. It’s designed for both software and hardware integrations.

Extendable architecture

Sound, imagery, temperature, light, humidity, physical sensations – Endel Pacific works with add-on modules to create personalized multi-sensory environments.


Endel’s personalized soundscapes provide faster, more consistent focus than playlists on top streaming platforms. It’s shown to give you a 7x increase in focus, maintained 95% of listening time, according to a study by leading neuroscience lab, Arctop. We’ve also collaborated with leading sleep scientists to create soundscapes that naturally facilitate restful slumber, including our Sleep and AI Lullaby soundscapes.



Integrate Endel Pacific into your in-car system and help drivers to stay focused and relaxed. By taking inputs like weather, traffic, speed and driving style into account, Endel Pacific creates soundscapes that allow drivers to arrive at their destinations safe and energized.

Consumer Electronics

Upgrade your products with a customized, AI-powered experience.Endel Pacific easily integrates with headphones, speakers, smartphones and TVs, so users can seamlessly switch between devices. Whether your customers want to focus at work, relax while commuting, or fall asleep at home, Endel Pacific creates the perfect soundscape for every situation.

Health & Wellness

Make your guests feel at ease in your health or wellness space.With Endel, you can offer bespoke soundscapes that adapt to the weather and time of day for each space and visitor. These soothing sound environments will calm their minds and create feelings of comfort and safety.

Work and Education

An on-demand focus boost for workers and students.No two people are the same when it comes to focus and concentration. By using inputs like location and heart rate, Endel Pacific creates real-time personalized soundscapes to increase concentration and productivity up to 7 times.