Personalized soundscapes to help you focus, relax, and sleep. Backed by neuroscience.


Calms your mind to create feelings of comfort and safety


Boosts your productivity by helping you concentrate for longer


Soothes you into a deep sleep with soft, gentle sounds


Mercedes-Benz Group Research
We’ve partnered on a one-of-a-kind Endel Car Experience. Powered by Endel AI, it’s designed to keep drivers focused and relaxed while in motion with smart, adaptive soundscapes.

Endel × Nura
We’ve teamed up with Nura to create the ultimate personalized audio package. Get 10% off adaptive headphones from Nura with the code: TEAMENDEL10

Alan Watts: Wiggly Wisdom
Soothing and motivating spoken word soundscape. Created in collaboration with the Alan Watts Organization.

Plastikman: Deeper Focus
An original soundscape created with techno visionary Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman. Scientifically engineered for deep focus.

Endel × Ultimate Ears
We’ve partnered with audio experts Ultimate Ears to offer 15% off their headphones and earbuds with the code ENDELVIP.

Grimes: AI Lullaby
We collaborated with our favorite artist on a limited edition sleep soundscape. Featuring exclusive new vocals and music by Grimes. Designed for babies and adults: ailullaby.endel.io

Apple Watch
Stress-reduction sounds generated on your wrist. The world’s first technology that generates AI-driven sound on the Watch.

A Twitch channel that puts you to sleep. Insomnia is a 24/7 stream of Endel’s Sleep soundscape that helps gamers reset their sleep-wake cycles.

A high-tech aid for stress-free flights. All Nippon Airways, one of the largest airlines in Japan, integrated Endel’s ‘Serene Flight’album into the in-flight entertainment system on international routes, for the comfort of millions of passengers from June to August 2019.

Mobile apps
Our most popular product with a proven sound-healing effect. The essential Endel experience on iOS and Android is available for all the people of the world. Named ‘App of the day’ in 113 countries.

Amazon Alexa
The first Alexa skill with predictive mechanics. A voice assistant skill that suggests the best-fitting soundscape for a user’s environment, state, and mood.

The Big Quiet
The coolest mass meditations at exciting venues. Ever thought of meditating under a skeleton of ‘Titanosaur’ or at the foot of 13 meter-high statue of Athena? Endel was there!

Smart house experience
From sound environments to other sensory experiences. To demonstrate the future of our tech we’ve built a room that adapts to lights, temperature, and sound to one’s needs and personal inputs.

In-car experience
A comforting sound environment for safer rides. We’re joining efforts with car manufacturers to make roads a safer place by bringing peace of mind to drivers.

Flaneur Magazine
Solutions for art spaces. Endel’s sound algorithm became a curator at a stargazing session on the rooftop of Berlin’s HKW art center at the Flaneur magazine summer festival.

Ars Electronica
Endel as a recognized piece of art. We’re a proud team of artists &  developers, Ars Electronica Center verified that by giving us a place on the timeline of media art history.

Streaming services
The first ever algorithm to be  a recording artist! 20 pre-recorded albums to demonstrate Endel’s concept, sound, and vision – made broadly available on audio streaming platforms.

Audio branding for retail spaces. A bespoke branded soundscape for Maapilim wellness store in Nolita, New York.

smartbeats by smartwater
Artists collaborate with an algorithm. Toro y Moi, Washed Out, Nosaj Thing, Empress of and Madeline Kenney meet Endel’s algorithm to enhance holistic wellness: play.endel.io.

Your business
We are open to partnerships with forward-thinking businesses that share our vision. Email Oleg Stavitsky, Endel CEO: oleg@endel.io

Our patented technology creates soundscapes that adapt in real-time. It reacts to inputs like time of day, weather, heart rate, and location. Neuroscience shows Endel consistently improves focus and lowers stress.


for increasing focus vs playlists*


increase in focus*


involvement increase**


anxiety decrease**

* Differences in the Effects on Human Focus of Music Playlists and Personalized Soundscapes, as Measured by Brain Signals. Full study on bioRxiv.
** Survey methodology: The Experience Sampling Method provided by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (Professor of Psychology and Management at Claremont Graduate University, author of the best-selling book Flow)